Martes, Enero 22, 2013


Because of the advancement of technology and the English language around the globe, online teachers came across its demand. Deviating from the traditional way of teaching powered by the international network, learning is possible in just a click away. Since Filipino people are well-versed in the language, a lot of online companies were established from the various parts of the nation most especially in Metro Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and other nationalities invest in the country for believing the capacity of Filipino teachers who are known for its competence and confidence in inculcating knowledge to their clients. 

For the convenience of both party, home-based jobs were also built for accessibility. Who would not grab the opportunity of being employed with their own comfort? Doing the job with their flexible time, being away from traffic and hassle stuffs, saving from income taxes, and other strenuous things in the world of an office-based work. 

Everything is now possible, everyone can be a teacher and can be saved from being unemployed. A simple investment like securing a stable internet connection, a laptop or PC, a quality headset and camera, plus excellent communication skills will surely provide you an avenue for a lucrative career.  For the last five years, clients are continuously being satisfied due to the superb performance of most of the teachers because according to them, Filipino teachers teach with compassion. Though they are called as “virtual teachers”, their students feel at home and always feel connected. Aside from being a teacher, they also become student’s buddy for learning.  They may not be teacher by profession, but they are indeed a teacher because of passion. Online tutors have always something new to teach to their students. Aside from the enchanted glamour of English language, Filipino online teachers never fail to teach to their students the values and the real essence of life. 

If you are this kind of virtual teacher, chin up and smile. Tap your shoulder and congratulate yourself for you have the noblest profession in the world. Your students may not see you personally but you are making a difference into their lives.  Teach with competence, value it with excellence. To all the virtual teachers, you are a certified change-maker. Congratulations!

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