Miyerkules, Pebrero 6, 2013

"Ebessan" by Yumiko

Every 10th of January, "Ebisu Festival" is held in Ebisu shrines in Japan.
Nishinomiya Ebisu Shrine, located in Hyogo prefecture, is the most famous place for Ebisu Festival.
And we call it "Ebessan" in a friendly manner.
It is crowded mostly with merchants because "Ebessan" is a festival for praying for success in business.
I go and enjoy the festival every year. And this year, too.

One of the main events of the "Ebessan" is "Maguro Hounoushiki".
"Maguro" means tuna. Offering of huge tuna is made to the deity.
This year, it was a-250kg tuna from Kagoshima prefecture, south of Japan.

What we do is putting coins on the tuna.

It is believed, putting coins on this tuna makes you rich.
I've been doing this for years. But that time of being rich has not come yet.
Maybe next year.

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